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Cracked Tooth Blacksburg Virginia

Possibly have a cracked tooth?

If you have a cracked a tooth and breathing through your mouth or drinking cold fluids is painful please call us as soon as possible. You can bite on clean, moist gauze or cloth to help relieve symptoms until reaching our office. Never use topical oral pain medications, or ointments, or place aspirin on the affected areas to eliminate pain symptoms.

However, if the crack extends below the gum line, it is no longer treatable, and the tooth cannot be saved and will need to be extracted. That is why early treatment is so important. A cracked tooth that is not treated will progressively worsen, eventually resulting in the loss of the tooth.

A cracked tooth means a crack extends from the chewing surface of your tooth vertically toward the root. Early diagnosis is important to save the tooth. If the crack has extended into the pulp, the tooth can be treated with a root canal procedure and a crown to protect the crack from spreading. Treatment for a cracked tooth can vary depending on the type and severity of the crack.

Cracked Tooth Blacksburg Virginia
Cracked Tooth Blacksburg Virginia

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