How to Get Kids to Brush Teeth

How to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Do you have kids who don't brush their teeth?

Don’t worry, the Real Life team is here to tell you about 5 fun ways to get your kids to brush their teeth!

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Make Things Fun!

Brushing time shouldn’t be boring! Have a two minute party each time your kids brush. Crank up the radio, have some fun!

  • Play your kid’s favorite song & have a little dance party!
  • Use a fun timer and make it a game to race against the clock! Offer an incentive if they win.
  • Offering incentives is always a great way to make brushing their teeth more fun. Perhaps a later bedtime, or two stories before bed!
How to Get Kids to Brush Teeth

Educate Through Fun Videos

Again, brushing your teeth should be fun! Teach your kids good practices through fun videos that they will love!

Here are some fun brushing teeth videos for kids :

Lead By Example

Kids are more likely to make brushing a habit if they see their parents practicing what they preach! When you’re having your mini dance parties each morning and night, don’t just be the host of the party, join in with your kids and have some fun!

This includes:

  • 2 Mins of brushing
  • Flossing, can’t forget to floss!!
  • Rinsing and showing off those pearly whites!
Toothbrushing Dance Party

Allow Your Kids to Pick Their Toothbrush!

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Allow your kids to pick their toothbrush! It will not only encourage good behavior and good oral hygiene practices, it will make the whole experience more fun for your kids!

Remember to find a brush that not only looks cool, but also is ADA approved and will get the job done properly!

Give Your Kids Fun Tooth Brushing Charts

Here are some great activity sheets for your kids that will not only encourage good oral hygiene practices, but also make things more fun it the process.